Chiayi Countyis located in the heart of the Chia- Yun -Nan Plain, running across the Tropic of Cancer. Rising slightly to the east, it is flat on the west. Long and narrow, the county is split into two by the Puci River in the middle. Its coastal area is a tourist resort, magnificent and rich in natural resources. The river runs through Dongshi, and enters the sea at Budai. The people here are simple and honest, being typical farmers.

Established in 1951, the County Council has the history of more than 50 years. From the new offices in the new era, it dares to become the pioneer of the time. All the council members work ceaselessly for the county administration with new thinking, new concepts, happiness, and responsibility.

The Chiayi County Council and the County Government are like the two wings of a bird, working harmoniously. Although there maybe debate and argument due to different political thinking and proposals, the members always negotiate with each other to reach a final decision. Regardless of their parties, they are practical, working harmoniously for the betterment of the county. For the first office of the Chiayi County Council in this new century, they vow to work for the people's interest. For all the councilors, their prime and ultimate goal is to lay down a solid democratic foundation.