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Council Speaker CHANG MING-TA

Council Speaker CHANG MING-TA

With great respect to the vioce of the pepole, it is my mission to develop Chiayi by applying wisdom and insightful senses with generosity and open-mindedness.

Ming-ta was born in the Fanlu Township. I was raised and grew up here. Every one of the townsfolk here loves me and raised me with care. I have been the chairman of the Farmers’ Association in Fanlu Township and was also the Chairman of the town representatives. From town representative to serving two terms as the deputy speaker, I serve again as the speaker for the city council for the 19th term. I have great enthusiasm and care about the county and hope for its rapid development. “Create commercial and tourism opportunities to construct a brighter future for Chiayi” has always been my vision. I want to support the development of tourism with countywide policies, and also focus on local developments such as large-scale industrial zones to create work opportunities so that the locals will no longer have to leave their hometown for work. I want to bring changes to Chiayi so that it becomes a wealthy county without poverty. By achieving the above, more funding will be available to develop Chiayi. My next step is to improve social welfare, and also care for the underprivileged and elderly. As the leader of the Chiayi council, I always remind myself of my responsibilities as council speaker. This honor granted to me comes with a certain burden of responsibility. All members of the council, regardless of their political background, agree to develop this agriculture-based county into a more energetic and lively place. Under the surveillance of Chiayi county, the government shall promote developments in tourism, agriculture, education, art and culture, fundamental construction, flood control, and others in order to set a centurial plan for future Chiayi development in motion.

 Although in recent years, actual developments can be seen in Chiayi, the county government has many massive construction projects still at the planning stage and waiting to be executed. Reformation is long and persistent work. It is important to keep in contact with the government team in the future. Therefore, Ming-ta and deputy speaker Chen I-yue, who is serving a second consecutive term, together with all the councilmen shall serve their roles well and speak on behalf of the citizens. We shall help Chiayi county’s citizens to strive for more essential social facilities and develop proper political policies..

In recent years, the blue and green parties have had different opinions about government operation. However, it is a relief that the parties can communicate in different channels and think rationally about different policies that were able to operate smoothly. However, harmony in the council does not lead to indolence in political performance. Implementing different policies requires a balanced evaluation in impartiality and justifiability. If any unwanted bias or insufficiency is found, Ming-ta will make the greatest effort to handle all matters by respecting the majority decision of the council. Ming-ta promises to coordinate with the government in order to solve controversial matters. We all place our greatest effort on striving for a better future in Chiayi county.

Someone wise once said, “Government exists to create the greatest welfare for its people.” The county council and government both serve the people. As public servants, it is our ultimate goal to create an advanced, safe, peaceful, happy, and beneficial hometown. We shall properly handle the political work and create a better future for Chiayi, as these are the responsibilities of the county council and government. Chiayi shall then prosper and thrive in our hands, helping us fulfill our responsibilities to our descendants.

Once again, I appreciate the support and encouragement of all council members. I am very grateful that people in the county supported Ming-ta all the way along. In the future four years, Ming-ta will continue standing with everyone as before. We join our hands together and closely observe the work of the county government for the benefit of the people.