Chief Secretary

The secretary handles the administrative affairs of the council commanded by the speaker. In addition, he also supervises all the employees. During the session, he assists in chairing the council, and participates in all sorts of external conferences on behalf of the council, or chairs internal meetings. With three secretaries, one is responsible for administrative affairs, such as proofreading, assisting meeting affairs in the council, and handling any temporary affairs assigned by the Speaker or the Secretary General. The other two secretaries are responsible for handling classified matters assigned by the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

  • 秘書長 李光耀
    Secretary General:Lee Kuang-Yao
  • 相關圖片
    Chief Secretary: Huang Chi-hao
  • 相關圖片
    Chief Secretary:  Lu Yi-Yin
  •   Meeting Affairs Division
    主任 張淵柏
    Director: Chang Yuan-po 
    • The Meeting Affairs Division is responsible for scheduling meetings and councilor questions. In addition, he should be present at council meets to assist the Secretary General in chairing discussions. Acting as the bridge between the County Government and the Council, he is responsible for compiling and proofreading agendas, and hearing people's appeals on behalf of the county government.
  •   General Affairs Division
    主任 黃淑玲
    Director: Huang Shu-Liang
    • The General Affairs Division is responsible for the purchase of stationery, filing of documents, treasury, property management, assets management, vehicle dispatch, halls and rooms management, security, meeting arrangement, janitors management, security guards management, employees' welfare, and more.
  •  Administrative Division
    代理主任 趙幸芳
    Director: Chao Shing-Fang 
    • The Administrative Division is responsible for researching and promoting the management of the council's information security, press releases, public relations, library management, compilation of council history and profiles, management and maintenance of the information on the council's websites.
  •  Public Relations Office
    代理主任 趙幸芳
    Director: Yang Jiue-Ren
    • The Legal Affairs Office is responsible for the interpretation of laws and regulations, request for interpretation on legal controversies, issue and assist in the hearing of stipulations, amendments, abolition of county regulations, and the review of agenda memos
  •  Accounting Office
    主任 林瑞敏
    Director: Lin jui-min
    • The Accounting Office is responsible for budget estimation, budgeting, allocation and execution of budgets, keeping books, compiling receipts, and statistics.
  •  Personnel Office
    Director: Tung Zhen-Nan
    • The Personnel Office is responsible for personnel management, organization, clerical office and grade, appointment, transferal and dismissal, salary scale management, performance merits, welfare, retirement, and recreation.