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Since the establishment of the Chiayi County Council, this regional council has been serving the people with the goals of "self-confidence, selfless dedication, trust, and love," acting as the bridge between the central government and regional government. In the earliest time, the council established the goals of Chiayi County's development. Likewise, the Council History Museum began to compile the history of this region and the council regarding Chiayi County. In 2004, a Chinese website was established to offer information services. As it is difficult to gather related materials, the construction of this website is still under construction and planning. It has been our plan to compile the history of the development of the county and the council in the earliest era. Therefore, we sincerely hope residents offer us help. Shouldering the executive and communicative works, the museum began to operate in the preliminary stage.

We sincerely thank people from all walks of life that offered help by sending us information through emails and faxes. Of course, we also welcome people to continue providing us solid suggestions and concrete assistance to help us finish this development history of the county council.

 The Chiayi County Council History Museum moved to the current address in January 1992. At that time, only the portraits of the speaker and vice speaker and their statues made with koji pottery were displayed.

On May 2000, the Administrative Division was formed. With support given by the former speaker Dong Siang, it endeavored to establish this Council History Museum. Collecting information actively and purchasing new facilities, it was opened to the public on December 30, 2000 with its new look.

Information in the museum:
In the Chiayi County Council History Museum, the portraits and statues made with koji pottery of past speakers, and the model of the council made with koji pottery are displayed. In addition, the electoral districts of the councilors and the landscapes in the county are exhibited.

In addition, experts are gathering materials to write the history of the formation of the County Council and the history of the construction of the county building. Moreover, the group photo of the councilors in the 14th County Council and the MOU signed with the Nantou County Council are also exhibited. In the future, the council will continue to gather more on the council's historic materials, which will be added to our collections.