Political System The Hall of Democracy History  
 Democracy is a political system based on people and public opinion
People express their opinions to the government through the council. Meanwhile, government rules in accordance with public opinion. Therefore, the council not only upholds public opinion but also safeguards the political system to facilitate the government's operation.

With enthusiasm, past councilors were responsible for expressing public opinion during their tenure. They did not only consider people's interest but also worked for the region's greatest interest. With all their efforts, the council discussed public affairs with a macro perspective to establish the model for the discussion of public matters.
 Since the abolition of Martial Law, people have been eager to express their own opinions. As a result, the functions of a regional public institution are becoming more and more important. Therefore, it is our duty to complete political democratization, which is an important facet in future political development and construction. Considering the current situations, the council is eager to upgrade and improve the hardware, and establish the rules and norms, such as the establishment of council ethics, building an excellent image, and fulfill the function and supervision the process of law making for future practice. Likewise, it is possible to enhance efficiency and the quality of the law-making process. With the teaching and suggestions of past councilors, we can supervise governing properly to uphold democracy. The establishment of a council history room aims to display dedications of past councilors and their concern for the people as exemplar to educate newcomers and the people. Hopefully, it is possible for us to make further improvements in regional politics in the future.